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The Powercat Podcast 02.14.17

The Powercat Podcast takes on a slew of basketball questions prior to K-State's game on Wednesday with Iowa State, and then turns its attention to football in the second half. Host Tim Fitzgerald and Marcus Watts continue to offer Riley Gates dating advice. And he refuses to listen. Thank goodness the Fridge Wholesale Liquor continues to sponsor this nonsense.

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Coming off a close, but disappointing loss at home by Kansas State against. No. 3 Kansas, the Powercat Podcast crew faces plenty of questions in this episode. Host Tim Fitzgerald gets a little passionate about certain topics, while Riley Gates continues to deny he's using his new online dating services and Marcus Watts sits in the corner wondering why he ever decided to be a part of this circus.

And, of course, it's all sponsored by the Fridge Wholesale Liquor, which Fitz complimented by comparing it to a Las Vegas prostitute, not the type that one would find in Waco, Texas. Yes, things get weird.

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The Powercat Podcast serves up a special 2017 Signing Day special featuring host Tim Fitzgerald and GoPowercat.com Football Recruiting Analyst Ryan Wallace. Fitz and Wally take a look at Kansas State's 2017 football recruiting class. And his bonus episode of our podcast is sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

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The Powercat Podcast sneaks into your work week with a pre-signing day special that, well, has nothing to do with college football's Signing Day. Tim Fitzgerald, Marcus Watts and Riley Gates kick around the big topics in Kansas State football and basketball with this week's edition of The Powercat Podcast. And, as always, the podcast is sponsored by the Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

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If you don't at first succeed, wait until the end of the week to see if you can't give it another crack. The Powercat Podcast arrives late this week because Wednesday's taping failed so Tim Fitzgerald, Marcus Watts and Riley Gates gathered again Friday afternoon to record. Usually they say better late than never. Well, "they" probably never heard this Podcast, but it is sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

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The Powercat Podcast arrives early this week due K-State's basketball game Wednesday night at Oklahoma State, and to say that the purple masses are displeased with the state of the basketball program might be an understatement. Host Tim Fitzgerald is joined by Marcus Watts and Riley Gates to tackle the hard questions. And, as always, The Powercat Podcast is sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

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The Powercat Podcast returns with some scorching takes on K-State's basketball loss on Tuesday at Texas Tech. Host Tim Fitzgerald provides a timeline of key portions of the game and then he, Marcus Watts and Riley Gates look into the game, as well as handle other basketball topics and then tackle a few football questions before heading into the overtime.

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The Powercat Podcast kicks off 2017 with a stacked show that travels from Kansas State's basketball loss at Kansas back to the football team's win at the Texas Bowl. Host Tim Fitzgerald and sidekicks Marcus Watts and Riley Gates walk K-State fans through the many questions posed this week. And, of course, we're sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

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With the Texas Bowl looming exactly one week away, the Powercat Podcast gang serves up a football-only episode to help you prepare for Kansas State's game with Texas A&M on December 28 in Houston. Host Tim Fitzgerald, analyst Marcus Watts and "MC Ollie" Riley Gates take your questions as they analyze the Wildcats heading into the game. And, of course, the Powercat Podcast is sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

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The Powercat Podcast 12.14.16

The Powercat Podcast roars back into action with a don't-miss episode that features strong thoughts on football and basketball from host Tim Fitzgerald, as well as Marcus Watts and Riley Gates. The football team is preparing for the Texas Bowl and the hoops team is headed to Denver to take on the Colorado State Rams in a key non-conference game. The Podcast crew has plenty of thoughts on all of it.

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