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Kansas State’s football team is taking the week off from competition, but the Powercat Podcast crew doesn’t believe in breaks. Well, unless it’s the spring. Then breaks are cool. Like a spring break in Daytona Beach with the Beasty Boys. So cool. The GoPowercat.com podcast boys DO believe in brakes, because without those, they would be unstoppable.

Host Tim Fitzgerald, football analyst Marcus Watts and show MC Riley Gates offer you opinions, entertainment and travel advice in this week’s Powercat Podcast, sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor. Oh, and Zac Carlson makes a late appearance, just like our own version Ryan Patzwald, which is a reference we hope at least two people grasp.

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After two games of the 2017 season, it appeared K-State was in good shape on offense and special teams, but needed to get some work done on the defensive side of the ball. After losing 14-7 on Saturday at Vanderbilt, basically everything we thought we knew about this team was proven wrong.

GoPowercat publisher Tim Fitzgerald takes you through the gate with another edition of GoPowercat.com’s Powercat Game-Wrap Podcast.

There was no denying that Vanderbilt would be a much greater test for the Kansas State Wildcats than their first two opponents, and despite that, plus the game being on the road, most in these parts expected the Wildcats to leave Nashville with their third victory of the season.

However, mistakes on offense and in special teams doomed the Wildcats to defeat despite a solid effort from the defense.

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It’s finally time for Kansas State, and it’s hoard of fans, to hit Nashville for the 18th-ranked Wildcats’ game with the Vanderbilt Commodores. The GoPowercat.com staff prepares you for the Big 12/SEC showdown with the Powercat Pregame Podcast, sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

Host Tim Fitzgerald and former K-State safety Marcus Watts are joined by GPC’s D. Scott Fritchen and Riley Gates for a fast-paced and in-depth breakdown of the game between the 2-0 teams.

The entire GoPowercat team will be on the ground in Nashville for the game, and invites you to come see them Friday night at The Centennial for the “Dinner and a Deal” gathering starting at 6 p.m.

Saturday’s game is slated for a 6:30 p.m. kick at Vanderbilt Stadium. It will be televised on ESPNu.

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It's Vanderbilt week for GoPowercat.com's Powercat Podcast crew, and that can mean only one thing. Hold on. That's a not true. It means a lot of the things, but Tim Fitzgerald and Marcus Watts are back for another podcast, sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

Yes, there is someone missing. Riley Gates, aka DangerKat, is off this week with pressing personal matters like a mani-pedi or something profound. So, our own video whiz, Zac Carlson, steps in and not only serves as this week's MC, but funnels his inner Sergio Dip to bring his effort up to just below mediocre.

As mentioned, it is Vanderbilt week so the boys touch on the game and the trip while answering your questions from Wabash Station. They will serve up their in-depth breakdown of the game on this week's Powercat Pregame Podcast, which drops Friday morning. For now, it’s time for the weekly Powercat Podcast, and this week's Podcast segment sponsors are Tanner's Bar & Grill in Aggieville, Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill and The Hut Bayou Bar & Grill.

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Coming into the 2017 season, it seemed obvious that Kansas State would easily defeat its first two opponents, but the Wildcats went to the air against Central Arkansas and took to the ground to pound Charlotte while scoring 55 points in each game. Saturday’s victory over Charlotte was even more impressive than the Cats’ first victory of the season.

GoPowercat publisher Tim Fitzgerald hosts another edition of GoPowercat.com’s Powercat Game-Wrap Podcast. A few days after each K-State game, Fitz compiles the top highlights, the best quotes and adds his analysis to break down the game.

K-State jumped to a 21-nothing lead on Charlotte last Saturday at Bill Snyder Family Stadium and no matter how much Coach Bill Snyder tried to slow the scoring onslaught, the game was such a mismatch that it didn’t matter. The Wildcats eased to a 55-7 victory and now turns its attention to its third and final non-conference game of the season. The Cats meet Vanderbilt on Saturday night in Nashville.

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Kansas State enters its second game of the season with a head of steam following its points explosion last Saturday, a 55-19 victory over Central Arkansas. This weekend the 19th-ranked Wildcats take on Conference USA opponent Charlotte, which lost its season-opening game with Eastern Michigan.

The crew from GoPowercat.com, including publisher Tim Fitzgerald serving as host and former K-State safety Marcus Watts providing analysis, returns for the second edition of the all-new Powercat Pregame Podcast, sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

The Powercat Podcast provides an in-depth, but briskly-paced preview of K-State’s game with Charlotte. The game is scheduled for an 11 a.m. kickoff inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The game will be televised on FSN.

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GoPowercat.com’s Powercat Podcast has finished its trip to the 247Sports Network and GoPowercat publisher Tim Fitzgerald, as always, serves as host. Fitz, former K-State safety Marcus Watts and GPC head staff writer Riley Gates field questions about K-State sports from members of the all-new Wabash Station message board. The boys discuss K-State’s season-opening win over Central Arkansas, and discuss GoPowercat’s recent move to the 247Sports Network.

The Powercat Podcast is sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor, with the three segments this week being sponsored by Tanners Bar & Grill in Aggieville, Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill in Aggieville and the all-new Hi Lo, Aggieville’s newest bar, serving AJ’s Pizza.

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The 20th-ranked Kansas State Wildcats started the 2017 season with a 55-19 victory over Central Arkansas on Saturday night at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. It was a game featuring numerous big passes from quarterback Jesse Ertz as the Wildcats scored three quick touchdowns to finish the first half and blow the game open.

GoPowercat.com publisher Tim Fitzgerald weaves together the big plays as called by Voice of the Wildcats Wyatt Thompson, postgame quotes from the players and Coach Bill Snyder and his own thoughts to quickly recap the game.

Then, he evaluates his pregame Five Keys by handing out analysis and grades on every key. The Powercat Game-Wrap Podcast will be available each week following Wildcat football games all season long.

Game highlights are provided by the Kansas State Sports Network.

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GoPowercat.com's Powercat Pregame Podcast debuts with an in-depth look at Kansas State's season opening football game with Central Arkansas. Join GPC publisher Tim Fitzgerald, football analyst Marcus Watts and the rest of the GPC staff as they prepare fans for Saturday night's kickoff. The Pregame Podcast is sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

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It's finally game week in Manhattan and the Powercat Podcast crew gathers for a late-night recording and absurdity follows. Host GoPowercat publisher Tim Fitzgerald is joined by former K-State safety Marcus Watts and GPC's Riley Gates for GPC's weekly podcast. It's swell, and sponsored by Fridge Wholesale Liquor.

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